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Our primary objective is to offer only the best in terms of product quality and service at competitive prices.

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Our products will satisfy the most demanding palates, with very competitive prices.
We will be able to guarantee a continuous supply with optimal delivery times.

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RR Produce


RR Produce is a Moroccan company specializing in the production of fruits and vegetables.

We have worked tirelessly to feed our ever-growing customers and their appetite for only the finest produce Morocco can offer. Since our first day of operation, we have been offering our customers the best selection of Moroccan seasonal vegetables and fruits of the region Souss at unbeatable prices and quality


We specialize in supplying fresh fruits and vegetables from our farmers.

Our primary objective is to offer only the best in terms of product quality and service at competitive prices. We market a wide range of products. We offer services adapted to the needs of a professional and demanding clientele. We build relationships of trust due to our experience, our professionalism, and our ability to adapt to the requirements of our partners.


The company’s strategy is based on respect for the environment.

commitment to a social approach, food safety, and the integration of trades: production, packaging, logistics and marketing, the exigent demand on the quality of product and production conditions, we rely on our expertise in the sector, on our own production structures and custom packaging station, for the satisfaction of the customer and the end consumer. We have acquired a level of expertise in our field of activity and continue to mobilize all our efforts to provide high-level solutions and services in terms of quality, competitiveness, responsiveness, and innovation.  

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  • Fast, convenient, and reliable fruit and vegetable market
  • Our products are certified

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